Current Lab Members

Assistant Professor Jia Hu – Principal Investigator


Dr. Hu is Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at University of Arizona. You can hear more about her journey from graduate school to her current position at: Rock Your Research.


Phone:  +1 (520) 621-1062

Office: N229, ENR2

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Yuriko Yano, PhD – Research Assistant Professor


Dr Yano is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology at Montana State University. Her expertise include soil ecology and biogeochemistry.


Justin Martin – PhD Candidate


Justin is PhD candidate and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Justin joined the lab in 2013 and studies how factors such as local microclimate and hydrology impact tree growth and water use.


Claire Qubain – PhD Candidate


Claire is a PhD student who joined the lab in summer 2015.  She is examining how nitrogen availability is mediated by topography and snowpack at Lubrecht Experimental Forest.  Claire is particularly interested in researching how human activity alters nitrogen cycling and, in turn, drives environmental change.


Tim Clute – PhD Candidate


Tim is a PhD student who joined the lab in 2015. His research will use tree rings to determine how western conifers have responded to historical changes in climate and water use, and how we can use this information to predict responses to climate change.


Kinzie Bailey – MS Student


Kinzie is a Masters student who joined the lab in 2017. She is conducting a study to determine the difference in water use between juniper and willow and the effects of removal on stream water availability.



Lab Alumni

Nate Looker – MS graduate, currently pursuing a PhD at University of Minnesota
Sara Amish – Undergraduate (IoE Fellow and USP Award)
Taylor Simpson – Undergraduate (IoE Fellow)
Jason Roehrig – MFA Science & Natural History Filmmaking
Eric Anderson – graduate student in Microbiology and Immunology at MSU